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LiDAR Symposium

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Terry Ellis, Johnston County GIS and SMAC Chair

Introduction to State's Flood Mapping Program and It's Goals ( HTML )
John Dorman, N.C. Administrator for Survey and Mapping

Description of the LIDAR Data Collection Process ( HTML )
Dave Maune, Dewberry

Overview of the State's Quality Control of the LIDAR Data ( HTML )
Gary Thompson, N.C. Geodetic Survey

Discussion on TINs and DEMs ( HTML )
Dave Maune, Dewberry

Use of LIDAR Data to Analyze Hydrology and Hypsography ( HTML )
Vince Caruso, U.S. Geological Survey


Introduction to the State's and FEMA's DFIRM Panels and FIS Reports ( HTML )
Ted Cassidy, Dewberry

Overview of the IT System and Data Distribution Planned for the State's Mapping Program ( HTML )
Tim Johnson, Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

Community Data Sharing Memorandum of Agreements with the State ( HTML )
Zsolt Nagy, Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

Questions, Wrap-Up

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