White Oak River Basin Plan Finalized

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The basin plan for the White Oak River Basin was finalized on June 22, 2001. The Draft White Oak River Basin Plan (dated December 14, 2000) was presented on December 19, 2000, at the Final Scoping Meeting, which was held at the Onslow County Emergency Operations Center in the City of Jacksonville. All impacted counties and communities were invited and were provided a final opportunity for input. The Final White Oak River Basin Plan contains specific information regarding comments that were received during the Final Scoping Meeting and how the Draft Basin Plan was revised and why. It also summarizes the scoping phase, outlines how the base maps and topography have been acquired in the basin, proposes engineering methods by which each flooding source reach will be studied, and describes the process and schedule for completing the map production. The scope of work presented in the Final Basin Plan will be completed by the State's Floodplain Mapping Contractor, Watershed Concepts, Inc.