NC Statewide Floodplain Mapping Program: An IT Infrastructure Update

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The Information Technology (IT) infrastructure Floodplain Mapping Program, referred to as the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Information System (NC FMIS), is scheduled for deployment late this fall. The NC FMIS will enable users to view and retrieve mapping data through three tools:

  1. The Web Data Viewer Tool will allow users to pan and zoom over the geography of the State. Users will be able to turn several layers of data on and off. As users zoom into more specific geographic areas, more data layers become available. The data layers include map product data, such as map panels and flood zones; base data, such as county and municipal boundaries and roads; engineering data, such as cross sections and hydrologic and hydraulic models; and inventory data, such as bridges and culverts.

  2. The Property/Flood Boundary Lookup Tool provides users the ability to enter an address and then see the location of the structure at the address relative to the flood zone. The tool, however, should not be used to determine whether a given property is within a flood zone as only a Flood Insurance Rate Map can be used for this purpose.

  3. The Data Download Tool will allow users to download the available data from NC FMIS to their local computer or network.