GIS Data Availability Survey Underway

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A survey is underway to determine the availability of GIS data within North Carolina communities. The comprehensive survey asks detailed questions about the community's hardware, software, data distribution, and any related policies. It also asks specific questions about the base map data layers (county boundaries, orthophotography, hydrography, etc.).

To date, the GIS Data Availability Survey has been mailed to counties and municipalities in the six eastern river basins. Completed survey data will be entered into a database before floodplain mapping work is begun on each basin. The remaining eleven basins will be surveyed concurrent to the scoping of Phase 2 and 3 of the State's program.

Initial results of the survey show that a large amount of data has already been produced and that a handful of first generation delivery orders are in progress. All survey respondents have agreed to supply data for flood mapping. However, the data scale, formats, projection, and datum will vary, which will create challenges for an efficient base mapping collection process. Survey results are depicted in the graphics at right.

The survey data will be used to prioritize base map sources for the floodplain mapping project. The survey respondents will be contacted regarding provision of the data as work begins on the floodplain mapping for each basin. As base map data are collected, the survey results will also be used to help complete metadata for each layer.

Contact Zsolt Nagy for more information about this survey.